Complete List of Topics | Searching Saturday

Searching Saturday is a weekly meme created by me! The aim is to search a book (or multiple books) that is new-to-you and fits the weekly theme. This could be a book to add to your TBR, or just to address on your blog. It’s up to you! You can search as many as you want, wherever you want.

For more information about this weekly meme, please read this page.


1st: Funny Books
HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! It’s actually on a Saturday this year. How lucky. Search for books in the humor/comedy genre.

8th: An Author You Have Read Before
I don’t know about you, but I always have tons of new authors I want to read. But I’d also to read some new books by authors I have lived before. Search for books that are by an author you have read before.

15th: Between 100-200 Pages
Because short books are great for reading slumps! Search for books no longer than 200 pages and no shorter than 100.

22nd: Person on the Cover
I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who likes people on their cover. How closer the close-up, the more terrible. We might be missing out on some great books. Search for books with a person on the cover.

29th: Set in Your Country
This one will be pretty easy if you live in America. Search for books set in your own country.searching-saturday-devider

SEAS Topic 05.jpg

4th: Important Topics
Reading books about important topics is… important. How intelligent of me. Which topics are important to you? Which topics would you want to know more about? Which topics would you want others to know more about? Search for books that discuss a topic that is important to you. What classifies as ‘important’ is completely up to you!

11th: 4+ Rating on Goodreads
Personally, I do not pay too much attention to the average Goodreads rating when researching a book. Though I do think it’s interesting to see which books get a high rating. This week we are judging books by these ratings. Search for books with a Goodreads rating of 4.00 or higher.

18th: Weird Titles/Covers
Today is national Awkward Moment Day. Yes, that is actually a thing. I swear I’m not making this up, Google it! In honor of this amazing national day, search for books that have weird titles or covers. These are books that, could cause an awkward moment if you read them in public. Not that you shouldn’t, more power to you!

25th: Adult Books
The book community can be pretty focused on Young Adult reads. Not all adult books are intimidating! This week’s topic is pretty simple: Search for adult books.


SEAS Topic 04.jpg

4th: Award Winners
Book awards are wonderful things. The books that win these awards sure are well loved. But do you know them all? I don’t think so. Search for books that have won awards. Any bookish award will do.

11th: Beautiful Covers
It’s a big no-no but we all do it; judging a book by its cover. I do it all the time. Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it. Hell, I even buy books just because I really love the cover. Today there is no judging. Today we embrace it. Search for books with a beautiful cover.

18th: Abandoned Genres
Oh those poor abandoned genres, so sad. We should give them some love. Search for books within a genre you usually don’t reach for. Challenge yourself to find something you are actually interesting.

25th: Authors with an A
Let’s end the month with a theme that might be a little more challenging. It’s all about the authors. Search for books of which the authors LAST name starts with an A.


SEAS Topic 03.jpg

7th: Resolution Fulfillers
It’s the beginning of a new year, which can only mean one thing, new year’s resolutions! I’m pretty sure we’ll all have some bookish resolutions, like “read more standalones” or “stop caring about books having a low rating on Goodreads”. This is your chance to take action right after making these resolutions. Search for books that fulfill your new year’s resolution, whatever it may be.

14th: 2017 Releases
It’s always exciting to take a look at all the new books that will be released this year. Most of us have probably already done some research. But have you seen all of them? Probably not. Search for books that will be released somewhere in 2017.

21st: Non-Fiction
A daunting category for most of us. The only non-fiction books I have ever read have been prescribed readings. Let’s have a look, shall we? Search for books within the category of non-fiction. Even if you’re not that interested in the category as a whole, there will probably be a non-fiction out there that interests you. We’ll do it together so it won’t be so scary. If you already love non-fiction and you think I’m being dramatic, I admire you. Teach me your ways.

29th: Female Authors
Girl power! Search for books that have been written by female authors. Not that the gender of an author really matters, of course. But I thought it might be a fun topic and a good way to find some new authors.


SEAS Topic 02.jpg

3rd: Between 200 and 300 pages
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Search for new-to-you books that are no shorter than 200 and no longer than 300 pages.

10th: LGBTQ characters
Diversity in every way is important to me and I’m always looking for new finds. Search for books with LGBTQ characters.

17th: Children’s and middle-grade
Just try to find some new interesting books within this group. Even if you don’t usually read within this category or aren’t a big fan of it, I challenge you to search for middle-grade and/or children’s books that sound interesting to you. There has to be something out there for you!

24th: Red and/or green covers
Christmas is just around the corner! Let’s celebrate by searching for books with red and green on the covers. If finding ones with both red and green is too hard you could always try to find some red and some green ones.

31st: Unnoticed 2016 releases
To finish of the year, let’s have a look at all the books that were released in the past year. Search for books that have been published in 2016, that have gone unnoticed by you.


SEAS Topic 01.jpg

12th: Favorite genre
Starting off with an easy one! Search for books within your favorite genre. Try challenging yourself to find books you haven’t heard of before.

19th: Set in a place you want to visit
A land far, far away… or your neighboring country… if that’s where you want to go. Search for books that are set in a place you want to visit in real life.

26th: One-word titles
Pretty self-explanatory. Search for books with a one-word title. One word, no more, no… less is not really an option anyways. It could be any kind of word, the possibilities are endless.