Complete List of Book Scavenger Hunt Directions

UPDATE: Book Scavenger Hunt is currently on a little hiatus. I will hopefully pick it up again when uni stops taking over my entire life.

This is a page of all previous, current and future Book Scavenger Hunt topics.
Find more information about the meme and how it works here!

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  1. Find a horror book.
  2. Take the first verb from the synopsis of book 1 and find a book with that verb in the title (if it does not have any verbs at all, select a random word by pointing at a random spot).
  3. Name the main color on the cover of book 2 and find a book by an author whose last name starts with the same letter as the color.
  4. See how many pages book 3 has and find a book in which a number of pages are mirrored (e.g. If book 3 has 412 pages, you look for a book with 214 pages).
  5. Take the country in which the author of book 4 was born and find a book that is set in that country.

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  1. Find a book by a popular author you haven’t read anything by yet, but would like to.
  2. Go to the first page of book 1 and randomly select a word by pointing somewhere on the page. Find a book that has that word in the title (Internet Alternative: randomly select a word from the synopsis).
  3. Find a book that has lettering with the same color as the background from the cover of book 2.
  4. Find a book with approximately the same Goodreads rating as book 3 (± 0.2 stars).
  5. Find a book with a synopsis that is similar to book 4’s synopsis (Could be the same general vibe or similar plot points, like ‘missing person’).

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  1. Find a book with flowers on the cover.
  2. Find a book with the same color on the background as the flowers from last week.
  3. Find a book with written by an author whose last name starts with the same letter as the author from last week (so if the author of last week’s book was Stephen King, you have to find a book by an author whose last name starts with a K as well).
  4. Find a book that has approximately the same amount of pages as last week’s book (± 20 pages).
  5. Find a book that has been published in the same month as last week’s book.