Spring Wrap-Up & Summer TBR | Bookish Bingo Read-a-Thon

Another 3 months of reading have gone by and another season has passed. I participated in the Spring Bookish Bingo hosted by @PrettyDeadlyReviews. In these Read-a-Thon’s, you try to get as many bingos as possible by reading books that fit the criteria on the squares. Now for the big reveal. How many bingos did I … More Spring Wrap-Up & Summer TBR | Bookish Bingo Read-a-Thon

February Wrap Up

Personal Life Oh, February… where have you gone? I know this month only had 28 days, but it still went so fast. I’m also very confused by the fact that it’s already the 3rd month of 2017. It feels like new years eve was just a few days ago! Anyways, February. This month was a … More February Wrap Up

January Wrap Up

January was generally a pretty good month. It was hectic because of assignments and finals at uni. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to, but I guess it’s never enough. But I did some fun stuff and spent a lot of time with my best friend. I also ended up watching the entirety … More January Wrap Up

December Wrap-Up

December was a strange month for me. My boyfriend and I had to move out of our apartment, which was very stressful. We weren’t able to find a new house in time, which resulted in us having to both move in with our parents again. Living separately and being in my old house again has … More December Wrap-Up