Books I Will Probably Never Read Tag

I was tagged by the very charming Alex @Alex’s Charming Books. Thanks again! See what I did there? So cheesy… let’s move on. This tag is a pretty short one. It’s always fun to talk about books you don’t want to read. Be negative for a change. … More Books I Will Probably Never Read Tag


Get To Know Me Tag

Today I’m posting a tag, which is waaay overdue like always. Thanks to the lovely Swetlana over at Reading Through the Nights for tagging me in this months and months ago. The blog is run by her and Sandra. You should definitely take a look around because I’m in love with their content, especially the discussions! … More Get To Know Me Tag

TBR Shame Tag

This tag is a pretty old one, but I think it’s fun so I’m doing it. This tag is basically naming all the unread books you own. This tag was originally created by Sarah Churchill on youtube.          STANDALONES   The Book Thief by markus Zusak The Boy in the Striped Pjyamas by John … More TBR Shame Tag

This or That Tag

This is a tag with this or that questions, as the name suggests. I have been seeing this tag a lot lately, on other people’s blog and Booktube. It was originally created by Ayunda @TeaAndPaperbacks. I wasn’t tagged by anyone, I tagged myself. Let’s do this!     1. Reading on the couch or on the … More This or That Tag