Mid-Year Goals Check Up | 2017

Today I'm coming at you with this check up post, where I reflect on how I've been doing so far this year aka confessing I suck. I formulated most of these goals in a post I did in January. For most of them, I don't even remember what I wrote. So this will possibly be … Continue reading Mid-Year Goals Check Up | 2017


Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017

Reading Read more! I just started getting back into reading in 2016 and decided on a low Goodreads goal (12 books). This year I'm going for 30, which means I have to read 2,5 books a month. It's a bigger goal, but still manageable. Read more diverse books, especially #ownvoices. Read more books about mental illness. … Continue reading Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017