Book Scavenger Hunt

DISCLAIMER: The idea of a bookish scavenger hunt is not new. There have been tags, it has been done all over youtube, it has been done on blogs. I didn’t invent it. I’m aware of that. However, I thought it would be fun to apply to the meme format and it fit pretty well with the idea of finding new books and sharing them.

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Welcome to Book Scavenger Hunt, a very special meme. The aim is to find a bunch of new-to-you books and broaden your bookish horizon in the process. The special thing is that you find books by following the directions I provide each month. These directions are connected, so that each month, you form a chain of books. The second direction will play off the book you found with the first direction, and so on. An example might be: 1) Find a thriller. 2) Find a book that has the same publisher as book 1.

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It’s really simple actually! 

  • Check back to my blog each month. I post the directions for the upcoming Book Scavenger Hunt on the last Sunday of each month, you can find those on this page.
  • Once you have your directions, you go out into the world to hunt books like there is no tomorrow.
  • Once you have found books, you post about it!
  • Be sure to link back to this page or any of my other Book Scavenger Hunt posts, so that I get a notification of your post.

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I want this meme to be more suitable for different blogs, so the rules aren’t very strict. Here are some of the ways to customize this meme to your blogging needs:

  • There are no specific posting days, you can do it whenever you want.
  • You can make this a weekly or a monthly post. If you decide to do it once a week, you do one direction a week. If you decide to do it once a month, you do all the directions in one post. 
  • You can search these books at your local library/bookstore or use Goodreads, which is great if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. If any of the directions are not suitable for Goodreads (like “flip to page 100…”) I will provide an alternative that is.

I hope any of you who participate will have lots of fun with it and find some amazing new books!
If you have any questions feel to ask them in the comments!