top ten tuesday starsTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @That Artsy reader Girl. She provides us with prompts to write a bookish list. I personally don’t participate every week, just when I like a certain prompt or can twist it in some fun way.

This week we got “Characters I’d name a pet after” but I wasn’t really feeling that one. So I looked at some of the recent prompts I hadn’t participated in. Last week’s topic was book titles that would make great song titles, which I turned into this topic. I’m so excited about this idea!

You Should See Me in A Crown

you should see me in a crown  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 14.38.04

This is the book that inspired this list, because when I first saw the title of this book I instantly thought of the song by Billie Eilish. For a while I was truly obsessed with Billie, around when her EP Don’t Smile at Me first came out. So I definitely know all her songs by heart, and this one is no different. Leah Johnson’s debut novel is a really fun coming of age and f/f romance story. I feel like the two don’t really match because the song has quite a dark tone to it, while the book is light for the most part and Liz (the MC) is just a total sweetheart. But maybe Liz would listen to this song to hype herself up for the competition for prom queen. 

Home Before Dark

home before dark  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 14.47.33  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 14.48.11

The book by Riley Sager is one of my favorite spooky books of the year. I was surprised to find there are multiple songs with the same title. I picked these two (which I hadn’t heard ever before) because I could see them both in a movie adaptation of the book. The Nits song has a kind of somber tone and the percussion (I think that’s it, don’t quote me) in the background gives it a bit of a mysterious feel. It even has some fitting lyrics: “Better late than never” because the Maggie (the book’s  MC) wants to finally find out the truth of what happened in her past and “Keep your eyes wide open” because she’s investigating. I could totally see this song played as she is making the journey to the old house. Meanwhile Joe Sabourin’s song would be perfect for an investigation montage, a bunch of short shots of her reading magazines or something. I can totally see it.

Anxious People

Anxious People  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 15.26.09

The book by Fredik Backman is another one of my favorites this year. It’s so accurate in the portrayal of human flaws, problems and growth. The song by Offbeat and Oddchap (another one I’ve never heard before) is a very upbeat with relatable lyrics that illustrate some of the struggles of being anxious in quite a funny, lighthearted way. Interestingly, though I don’t think the sound of the song necessarily works with the book, I think this kind of funny/self-aware vibe is very similar to the tone of the book. They both seem to focus on how ironic or silly life can be.


heartstopper 1  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 17.12.05

This graphic novel series by Alice Oseman is one of the most wholesome things I will probably ever read. Nick and Charlie are the most supportive people ever and they make the sweetest couple. I would protect them with my life. In the song department, there were lots and lots to choose from. After listening to 30+ Heartstopper songs and carefully considering all of my options I picked the first one I listened to… It’s by Emilíana Torrini and sounds super cozy and sweet. Maybe Nick and Charlie could listen to it while sitting by the the hearth on a snowy winter night, exchanging Christmas presents. Interesting side note: a lot of the songs named Heartstopper were either dance/techno or metal songs, which feels like the polar opposite of the book. 

(The) Chalk Man

The Chalk Man  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 16.21.21  Schermafbeelding 2020-11-16 om 16.20.39

The book by C.J. Tudor might not be an absolute favorite of mine, but it was definitely a fun mystery/thriller with some dark unexpected twists. Both of the songs are new-to-me and they are also both missing “the” in the title but I mean… “the” doesn’t really count anyways. So imagine the The Chalk Man story on an episode of a new crime show similar to Criminal Minds or NCIS (which I can actually see). The song by Imagination School would be in the background of the scary scene in the beginning of the episode, while the first minute of the song by Jane His Wife would be the theme song of the show. You can’t tell me I’m wrong.

Those were my picks for this Top Ten Tuesday prompt. I only did 5 because I feel like it was a good post length. But it was so much fun, I might even make this a regular post!

Have you read any of these books?
Can you think of any titles that are both books and songs?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

47 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #36 || Comparing books and songs with the same title

  1. Hi Nikki! This is a clever post and I loved what you did! I didn’t do a TTT last week, but I did do one this week.
    Thanks for visiting us!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

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