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Today we are doing a tag. A very appropriate one. A Christmas tag on Christmas day! Well… at least here in the Netherlands. I’m actually not sure how it works everywhere else. Maybe it’s just a Dutch thing, but we have two Christmas days. :p Thanks to the lovely Alex @Whimsy Pages for tagging me in this festive tag. Alex has a wonderful blog with lots of fun posts and AMAZING header images. She often posts helpful lists like “Short books to help you reach your reading goal” and “2020 reading challenges, choose your challenge“.

This tag was originally created by Trish @Between My Lines.

What is your favorite Christmas scene in a book?

I’m going to steal Alex’s answer for this one because it’s literally the only Christmas scene I can think of; Christmas at Hogwarts.

tumblr_p0jfw75Htb1sjezeoo8_r1_500.gif What I wouldn’t give to be able to celebrate in the snowy Great Hall. The falling snow, the giant tree, the amazing food, and all my friends surrounding me.

Do you have any Christmas book traditions?

I didn’t, but this year I listened to a Harry Potter audiobook while putting up the tree and I think I’ll make that a tradition from here on out!

When do you open your Christmas presents?


We’re lucky if we make it until Christmas Eve without opening the presents. My fiancé always gets too excited about giving me my presents and seeing my reaction, so most years he ends up putting them under the tree for maybe a day before he starts asking me to open them. It’s so endearing.

Do you prefer to get presents of book vouchers or books?

A tough question! It’s way more fun to receive books. It’s such a nice gesture when someone takes the time to pick out something they think you would enjoy. The plus sides of vouchers, however, are that it’s 1. an excuse to visit a bookstore and that 2. you can be picky about the specific editions you would like to own. As much as I wish I was the type of person who doesn’t care about that kind of stuff… I’m not though.😂

Do you give books as presents?

I don’t usually. But this year I made a friend who is really into books too, so I have already given her a couple of books this year. Also, my mom likes to read occasionally, so I sometimes gift her books too (which I’m actually doing this Christmas). I bought her The Wife Between Us (which I read and think she would really enjoy) and a Nicci French Novel that sounded exactly like her type of book.

What bookish item is on your Christmas wishlist?

Not necessarily bookish but I feel like bookish equals cozy. So I have this obsession with blankets and mugs. I already have 5 different blankets in my living room so I don’t need anymore, but I sure would still be happy to receive one!


I’m not very particular about the type of mug, or about the print. I’m more particular about the size of the mug? If I see one that is the right size at any time during shopping, I have to conjure up every ounce of self-control to walk out of a store without that mug. Last week I saw one and I’m still thinking about it… I’m such a weirdo.

What 3 books would you love Santa to have in his sack for you?

That sure is an interesting way to phrase that question… I actually did a whole post on this yesterday: Books I hope to Find under my Tree. The main priority off that list would be the Harry Potter Illustrated Editions.

Fake Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

I always used to have a real one, but this year we decided to invest in a fake one. It’s just a lot easier, over the years it will save money, and it actually makes more sense than bringing a real tree into your home for just a few weeks. 

What dish on your Christmas menu are you most looking forward to?


I’m honestly just looking forward to getting to eat my mom’s food. I don’t even care what it is. When she cooks it feels so nostalgic. ❤

What your favorite thing about Christmas?

This is going to sound so cheesy, but just being together with family and friends. Spending some quality time, curling up on the couch, and watching a movie. Oh! And seeing people’s reactions when they open my presents to them!

What Christmas book would you recommend?

I must admit I haven’t read many, but right now I’m reading The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand and it’s a lot of fun! It’s pretty romance focussed for my liking, but it hasn’t yet crossed my romance limit haha.

 What’s your favorite Christmas song?



Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

I am because I would love to get cozy and look at the snow falling with the Christmas tree lit. However, it’s now the middle of the 2nd Christmas day and it’s very much not snowing. We’ll just have to make do with Snowy Ambiance videos on Youtube.

I tag… you?

Since after today Christmas is over, with this being about Christmas, I won’t be tagging anyone. However, feel free to consider yourself tagged by me if you still want to do this tag after today or maybe do it next year! 🙂

This was such a fun tag. Now let’s chat.

What is your favorite gift you bought for someone else this year?
How long do you think it’s acceptable to keep up the tree after Christmas?
(I’m asking for a friend)

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve had a lovely, cozy Christmas day!

5 thoughts on “The Christmas Book Blogger Tag || Happy Holidays! 🎄❄️

  1. I just finished my post and I copied Alex as well with Hogwarts ha-ha!
    Blankets and mugs TOTALLY count as bookish items in my opinion 😉 which I got quite a bit of ha-ha! I want those illustrated Harry Potter ones too … they’re so beautiful!
    We didn’t get snow either this year … so sad. I borderline want to go to a ski lodge for Christmas next year so that I know for SURE i will have snow ha-ha! Or I’m making my family visit me, since Ottawa typically has snow ha-ha!
    Great post, darlin’! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re all just too in love with the magic that is Hogwarts haha! Don’t we all have a giant collection of mugs and/or blankets, I think it’s the tell-tale sign of a book blogger. At this point, you can’t even see my couch under all of the blankets. The HP illustrated additions (the ones I have) are my favorite books in my collection, the illustrations are so amazing! My fiance actually got me one for Christmas, which was a huge surprise since I didn’t ask for anything. He got me the fourth one so I guess that means I have to buy myself the second and third one now? I think it’s a great excuse, it would be rude to not to since then I’d have to wait to read the one he got me 😋 That’s the ultimate dream! Celebrating Christmas in a cozy wooden lodge somewhere in the snowy mountains… A girl can dream haha. Thank you I’m glad you liked it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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