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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @That Artsy reader Girl. She provides us with prompts to write a bookish list. Personally, I don’t participate every week, just when I like a certain prompt or can twist it in some fun way.

This week we got “Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree“. Christmas is a time of giving. But also of being greedy little monsters apparently, because today we all talk about the things we want to GET.

In the category of books I have already read and want to own

Daisy Jones & The Six  The whisper man  the vanishing stair

I listened to the audiobooks for all of these. Daisy Jones & the Six was one of my absolute favorites of the year and I really want to re-read it in the physical form to see the difference. The Whisper Man was my favorite… or one of my favorite thrillers this year (I haven’t decided which one it is yet) and I just need it in my possession ASAP. The Vanishing Stair wasn’t really a favorite, but I love the series in general (at least so far) so I want to own them all. I can’t wait to see all the books in this series together on my shelf because they will look amaaaaazing on my shelf.

In the category of books I think I’ll love

the shock of the fall  my lovely wife  every heart a doorway

The Shock of the Fall is one of those books I’ve almost bought a million times over the past few years. It sounds SO great and I have absolutely zero reasons not to read it. My Lovely Wife just sounds like Dexter but if Dexter had a wife who was in on it. I need it in my hands now. And if any magical/fantasy series is gonna work for me and make me want to read the entire series, it would probably be the Wayward Children Series.

In the category of beautiful illustrated books

hp chamber of secrets  18659623-2  Sheets  heartstopper

I own the first Harry Potter Illustrated Edition and naturally, I want them all. They’re the most beautiful things ever. Can you believe Through the Woods was also on my 2017 “Books I Hope Santa Brings” list? I still want it 2 years later. C’mon Santa, what are you doing? Sheets has the most beautiful coloring ever. If I would own it I would probably just endlessly stare at it. Finally, I want Heartstopper more because of the reviews than the art style. Everyone seems to love that one!

Those were my picks for this Top Ten Tuesday prompt.

Have you read any of these books?
Which book would you give your left kidney for?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely, cozy Christmas.

33 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #23 || Books I Hope to Find Under my Tree

  1. Hope these found their way under your tree! Seeing all of the Maureen Johnson book features on here reminds me I should make those a priority in 2020. 🙂 Appreciate your visit to Finding Wonderland last week; thanks!

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  2. Love how you divided your post into multiple different sections!
    I haven’t read any of these books, but I actually own Every Heart a Doorway and I keep meaning to pick it up–I’ve heard so many good things about Seanan McGuire’s writing and I really wanna pick up a book by her soon. And I’ve also been eyeing Heartstopper! Hope you were able to get these books, or if not, get them soon!
    Happy reading!

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  3. I just read The Whisper Man and I agree, that would be a wonderful one to own! If there hadn’t been a waiting list at the library it would have been one of the books I keep as long as possible after reading to continue paging through. As soon as it ages up a bit I’m checking it out again and doing exactly that.

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  4. I LOVED The Shock Of The Fall, My Lovely Wife and Every Heart A Doorway and I would love to have a copy of Daisy Jones and The Whisper Man as they were favorites as well. Through The Woods is great too! I hope Santa will bring you at least some of these. 😉 Merry Christmas! xx

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