Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @That Artsy Reader Girl. She provides us with prompts to write a bookish list. Personally, I don’t participate every week, just once in a while when I like a certain prompt.

This week we got “Character Freebee”. I decided to go for some of the worst characters I’ve personally read about (that I can think of right now) because talking about morally gray or just plainly bad characters is fun. Props to authors for making characters we can all hate together.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  Gone Girl  The adversary  Behind Her Eyes  sometimes i lie

1. UMBRIDGE FROM HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX || Currently I am slowly re-reading the Harry Potter books via audiobooks. I’m not somewhere halfway through the Order of the Phoenix and am reminded of how infuriating Umbridge is. She is just the WORST person with no redeeming qualities. Stephen Fry does a great job of narrating her, every time he does her little ‘hem-hem’ interrupting cough I actually cringe. Thanks to Umbridge for inspiring this list!

2. THE MAIN VILLAIN FROM GONE GIRL || It’s kind of difficult to talk about characters from thriller/mystery novel because finding out who the villain is, is the whole point of the book. So without saying WHO this is about exactly. Gone Girl has a great bad character. Very manipulative and evil. This character is the one who started my love for the thriller/mystery genre and the messed up people in it.

3. JEAN-CLAUDE ROMAND FROM THE ADVERSARY || This person is probably objectively the actual worst person I’ve read about. A compulsive liar who faked his way through his entire life end ended up killing 5 people, including his wife and children (not a spoiler). The worst part is, this isn’t fiction but true-crime. This guy actually exists. Makes me feel so uncomfortable thinking about it.

4. EVERYONE FROM BEHIND HER EYES || Not only do these characters do messed-up shit. Not only do some of them turn out to be purely evil. All these damn characters were just SO unlikeable. Selfishness and naivety were some of the core characteristics on display. They were just a big pile of shit. I still liked reading about them though.

5. THE VILLAINS FROM SOMETIMES I LIE || Some messed up stuff goes down in this book. MESSED UP I tell you. This book is about a woman who is in a coma and is fully aware of what is going on around her. We go back and forth between now and then. Some vague childhood memories. Things get bad, man. Very bad.

you  Six of Crows  The sun is also a star  Death Note 1

6. JOE FROM YOU || If you’ve read the book or seen the Netflix series, you know our friend Joe. He’s the type of person that will stick with you. You see what I did there, a stalker that sticks with you. HAH! I’ll leave. He’s definitely someone I wouldn’t like to meet, mostly because he seems like such a nice guy while being the opposite. Can you imagine being with him and then finding out the type of person he really is? So creepy.

7. VAN ECK FROM SIX OF CROWS || No need to say much. Just… how. dare. he. How dare he treat my babies like that. That’s not what they deserved! I hope he gets what’s coming to him in Crooked Kingdom, but I’m skeptical about that. 

8. CHARLIE FROM THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR|| Charlie is the poster child for “siblings that see getting on your nerves as their main responsibility”. I just read this book yesterday and though he has his reasons for behaving like an ass. He still behaved like SUCH an ass. How much of an ass can you really be?

9. LIGHT FROM DEATH NOTE || Death Note is a manga about a guy who finds a notebook dropped down to earth by a god of death. With it, he can decide who lives or dies. Light takes up the opportunity to rid the world of the people he believes do not deserve to be here. In his mind he is doing the world a service, but in reality he is a mass murderer. This guy will go to extremes to do what he feels is his purpose.


Because You Love To Hate Me

10. BASICALLY EVERYONE IN BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO HATE ME || This is a short story collection all about villains. WHERE ARE THE VILLAINS? Most of these stories feel to me like they just are about people who kinda suck. That’s not what I want from a book about villains. I’m still trying to get through this book. During the last story I read, I fell asleep multiple times! Not good.

Those were my picks for this Top Ten Tuesday prompt.

What do you think?
Have you read any of these books?
Which are some of the worst characters you’ve come across?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!


32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #12 || Book Characters: The Worst of the Worst

  1. the main villain from gone girl is such a great choice!! that book started my love for dark mysteries/thrillers too (and its really hard to find a thriller that tops gone girl) ‘behind her eyes’ sounds like a really interesting book, im going to have to check it out soon
    i’ve been MEANING to get around to death note for a while bc ive only heard great things about it and you’re making me want to pick it up even more!!!
    this was a great list

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    1. I feel like Gone Girl really is a staple in the thriller/mystery genre. All the other books blurbing “for fans of Gone Girl” “the next Gone Girl”.

      Behind her eyes was definitely an interesting read. I think it won’t be for everyone, with a more unusual conclusion, but it definitely was unexpected and fun!

      Death Note is one of those books that gets thrown out there all. The. Time. It never really seems to go away. I haven’t finished it yet and I hope it lives up to the endless amount of hype. Hope you enjoy it too once you get to it! 🙂


  2. WHOA that short story collection sounds TRIPPY. Does that mean some villains are more villainous than others? How do we tell? So many questions! Love your topic this week 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yes it’s kind of funny how different villains feel more or less villainous than others. I think it also has someting to do with personal views on when you see someone as bad. With a lot of these characters I just felt like they were sad/lonely characters who were put in a tricky situation that made them act a certain way. I feel like that kind of removes the “oooh what an evil/creepy person” thing.

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  3. Such a fun take on today’s prompt. This is a great list! Totally agree with you about Charlie (ugh, so wanted to punch him in the face) and about Gone Girl. The reason why I hated that book so much (I really wanted to tear my hair out reading it) was because of the characters. They were SO unlikable!
    My TTT post

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