Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @That Artsy Reader Girl. She provides us with prompts to write a bookish list. Personally, I don’t participate every week, just once in a while when I like a certain prompt.

This week we were asked to talk about the books we want to read this summer. During summer I usually read a lot of thrillers. Mostly because my mom used to always take a bunch of thrillers with her on vacation and I kind of took over her habit. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach with a good page-turner!

I decided on 5 books of my physical TBR and 5 audiobooks. The physical books are ones I tried to read before but was not in the mood for at the time. The audiobooks I chose because I also enjoy laying in the sun, being able to close my eyes while listening to something. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep to any of these!


The Leaving  Genuine Fraud  The Girl with all the Gifts  The dead house  Illuminae

1. THE LEAVING BY TARA ALTEBRANDO || This is a thriller about six kids being taken and now, a bunch of years later, only five came back. It also has an interesting way of using text. Sometimes there are only a few words on the page or the words are flying off. It seems interesting enough, I just couldn’t focus on it when I tried reading it before. 

2. GENUINE FRAUD BY E. LOCKHART || I read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart in 2016 and had mixed feelings about it. I saw the twist coming from a mile away, but I still finished it in a day, which I never manage to do. There isn’t a lot I know about this book, but I’m hoping it will be another fast read.

3. THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS BY M.R. CAREY || This book has been on my shelf for AGES. I think I bought it just after getting back into reading in, which was in 2016. This is a book about zombies, I think? Paranormal books are usually not for me but this had great reviews and I’m still interested in it since it’s also a thriller… and about a kid?

4. THE DEAD HOUSE BY DAWN KURTAGICH || A horror story told through reports, interviews and two girls’ diary entries. “Carly gets the day. Kaitlyn has the night”. Why I haven’t read this yet? Nobody knows.

5. ILLUMINAE BY AMIE KAUFMAN & JAY KRISTOFF || Guys… if you’ve been around for a while you know that this book has been on my to be read list SO many times. It’s crazy. This book is fast-paced, told through mixed media. I’ve made it to page 100 multiple times and enjoyed what I had read so far. I honestly don’t know what the problem is.


The Hate U Give  Bird Box  the nowhere girls  the couple next door  the chalk man

6. THE HATE YOU GIVE BY ANGIE THOMAS || Next on the list of things I should have read by now… This book has received so many good reviews and I need to read a book about the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m just going to schedule an entire day to read this so that I can fully immerse myself.

7. BIRD BOX BY JOSH MALERMAN || This is a book I’ve been eyeing for years now. Recently it was adapted to a movie and it has rekindled my interest. Don’t really know the details anymore. I think it was something about not being able to look at something or it’ll mess you up. 

8. THE NOWHERE GIRLS BY AMY REED || A book about sexual assault with a group of girls teaming up to bring awareness to the issue. Yes please.

9. THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR || My mom read this thriller last summer and said it was great. That’s really all the information I need on this one. 

10. THE CHALK MAN BY C.J. TUDOR || I was intrigued by this one when I saw it in the store. There was this version with a bunch of doodles of chalk men on the spine of the book instead of a title and/or author. It’s about is this crew of kids who draw chalk men to communicate with each other and then a mystery person uses the same sign to lead the children towards a dead body. Creepy!

Those were my picks for this Top Ten Tuesday prompt.

What do you think?
Have you read any of these books?
What’s on your summer reading list?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

56 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #10 || Books on my summer tbr

  1. I really enjoyed ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’! I think the zombie genre hit a sort of overplayed mark a few years back. It seemed like every time I blinked there were another dozen zombie shows and novels. But one of my best friends raved about this to me so I picked it up. I found it wildly unique and it did some interesting/exciting/unsettling things with the trope. We spent ages talking about it after I read it too :).


  2. Great list!
    I loved The Girl With All The Gifts.
    I want to read Birdbox too after watching the movie version, and I’m sure I have The Chalk Man on my book pile somewhere as well!
    Hope you enjoy all these 🙂

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  3. Honestly, I did the same with Illuminae!! The time will come where you devour it, I swear! It’s just not the right time for you haha I feel like that’s a genuine response but for real it happened that way for me. Anyways, I hope you get to a lot of these and enjoy them when you do!!! Happy reading!

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  4. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ILLUMINAE!! 10,000 TIMES! The audiobook for it is also suuuuuper gooooood! I am currently rereading the trilogy via audio and my gosh. Amazing. It has a full cast, sound effects (whooshy whooshy sound in space) and music! It’s so much fun.
    I haven’t read any of the others on your list (yet) but I have taken notes XD
    I hope you enjoy all of these!
    Happy Reading! ❤

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    1. It feels like everybody has been screaming about Illuminae forever! The hype remains very serious for this series haha. Really hope it lives up to it for me. The audiobook sounds amazing, will definitely have a look if I can find it anywhere!

      Glad you were able to take something away from my list as well 🙂
      Happy reading to you too!!

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  5. Ahh such an awesome list of books!
The dead house has been on my shelves for a couple of years now. I’m so curious about it! Illuminae is one of my all-time favorite SciFi books. Hope you’re going to have an amazing reading experience when you get around to read it! It’s really unique with the format and the way of story-telling.

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  6. The Illumiane Files are outstanding. I can’t wait to read Aurora Rising which is the start of a new series not in the same world but written by the same authors. The Bird Box movie was really good. I took a list of a few of your books to give to my mom. She loves thrillers.

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  7. Great list! You’re not alone – The Hate U Give and Illuminae are two I still need to get to,too. I also really need to give The Girl with All the Gifts a try considering I do actually like zombie novels when they’re done well. 🙂


  8. There are so many I loved from your list! The Hate U Give, Birdbox, The Dead House and Illuminae are some of my favorite books – they are truly exceptional in within their genres. The Nowhere Girls and The Chalkman are on my to-read list, and I’m super-excited for them. Hope you’ll get to all these, and enjoy them. 🙂

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    1. I had some trouble with it at first too! Now I just stick to fast-paced books/books with a lot happening, so that my mind doesn’t drift off easily. I do still have my sleepy moments though, sometimes when I can’t sleep I put a Harry Potter audiobook on really quiet and I’m off within minutes haha!


  9. I love reading these even when I’m not participating (I just published another author interview on my blog instead). You might want to take a look – Jane Davis is an amazing author!


  10. I love your approach towards reading for summer! I haven’t read many thrillers but I love them, so thanks to you I have a couple to add to my TBR. I read Illuminae and adored it, I hope you end up liking it a lot once you manage to finish it. I watched the movie The Bird Box on Netflix and the concept was interesting, hope you like the book. 🙂

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      1. Oh that happens to me all the time. It’s not about the book being great or awful, it’s just about you being in the mood for it. I’m looking forward to reading your opinions about all of these!

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  11. THUG is SO GOOD! You’re going to love it! I didn’t do the audiobook version, but I’m sure the message will still come across the same. I have an ARC I need to finish this summer, and then I have my July list for a read-a-thon. Once July hits, I think I’m just going to read whatever I want lol! I have at least 3 more buddy reads lined up for this year, so possibly one of two of those. Great list!

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    1. I don’t think I’ve heard a bad review for THUG, so I have high hopes! I made this tbr and I am really hoping that this will be the one time I finally stick to it even a little bit. Usually, I end up going with the “I’ll read whatever I want to read” mindset too since I’m just too much of a mood reader to ever stick to a plan. But one can always hope right haha. I’m not willing to give up on tbr’s just yet. Have fun with read-a-thon and buddy reads!

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  12. The Hate U Give, Girl with all the Gifts and Genuine Fraud are all excellent. While Girl is technically a zombie book that word is never used and there’s a bit more depth to it than you usually get in paranormal.

    Illuminae is on my TBR too. I managed to snag a copy in audible’s sale yesterday so hopefully I’ll manage to start it soon. Someone recommended listening and reading at the same time so gonna try it. Hadn’t heard of the Dead House but it does sound like my kind of read.

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    1. Glad to hear you liked so many of the books on my tbr! Especially happy to hear about the Girl with All the Gifts being different compared to other paranormal books.

      Sounds like a great idea for Illuminae considering the book’s format and the full cast audio. Might have a look if it’s available on my app. Thanks!


  13. Love that you split this list into books you own and audiobooks that you’d like to read. It’s so funny because my mom also tends to read thrillers during the summer, which is usually the only time I read them as well. Just started reading The Stand by Stephen King… I’ve got a long road ahead of me! Anyways, happy summer reading! 🙂

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