Why Blogging Has Been Difficult Lately

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Right off the bat, you might be thinking something along the lines of “Why blogging has been difficult lately? What blogging? There has been no such thing as blogging on this blog in a LONG time.” And you would be totally right, but that has been (and still is) exactly the problem.

But why? There are the usual things that make blogging hard, including but not limited to: being busy, feeling overwhelmed with uni, being unsatisfied with the blog and not knowing how to continue, or general feelings of slumpy-ness. But in addition to these common struggles, there is this bigger thing… A thing that has been the source of my frequent disappearances. Having trouble writing, to the point of not being able to put any of my thoughts into words and giving up on them. There is no way of naming the exact cause of this problem, but I can tell you exactly why it has affected my blogging so much.

Let me set the scene. My blog has been collecting dust. My blog has been abandoned. I miss my blog. I miss posting. I miss the community. So I tell myself the time has come, the time to get things back on track. Some time has been put aside. Tonight I will write a post! Tonight has arrived, I am comfortably lounging on the couch, surrounded by fluffy pillows, warm mug of coffee (the one that says “proud bookjunkie”) in hand. Let’s write. What to write is not the problem. There are well over 50 drafted posts. Some half filled, some just a title. The problem is the words themselves. They just will not come. I try something… just a sentence. But where am I going with the sentence? What do the words say? I probably wrote those exact words and even the entire sentence before on this blog. So I delete the line and close the laptop. Maybe it’s a lack of creativity. Maybe the problem is the content of the posts I am trying to write. Maybe my mind is just too tired after a day of staring at words in my required reading. Like I said, there probably is no direct cause, or at least not a nameable one. The point is, it is not working out. 

Maybe it’s a lack of creativity. Maybe the problem is the content of the posts I am trying to write. Maybe my mind is just too tired after a day of staring at words in my textbooks. Like I said, there is no direct cause (or at least not one I can name). The point is, it’s not working out. So here I am. Writing this post about writing. Now that I am writing this… Maybe I should focus more on discussions? The words in this post don’t seem to do the same thing as they do in the other posts. We will see about that. I just want you to know what has been going on. I want you to know that I am trying. And if blogging has been difficult for you too, I want you to know it’s okay. You are not alone.

Have you ever felt this way or a similar about writing/blogging? Any experiences you want to share? Some tips maybe?
Be sure to leave them below!

Thanks for reading and I hope to write to you soon.


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