The Struggle of Trying to Stick to a Schedule | Are You a Blogging Wizard?

Struggle of Trying to stick to a schedule-3Hello there, lovely people! Today I have decided to write a discussion post because 1) I really enjoy doing these and 2) I don’t do them enough. So here we are… talking about my inability to stick to a posting schedule. Warning: there are no actual solutions in this posts, just a whole bunch of complaining and a few tips that might help a little.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-04 om 17.26.31Let me paint you a picture. I warn you… it is not a pretty one.

You have been blogging for a while and decide: I want to be more consistent with my posting. So you start scheduling. You schedule the night away. You find all the weekly memes, connect them to specific days of the week, and end up with a very optimistic but lovely schedule. Maybe you plan to do a post each day, maybe every other day, or less. However frequent it may be, you have got yourself a schedule. Now you are ready… ready to tell the world about it! So you do a post on it or make a page to squish into your menu bar. You are now fully committed. There is no way back from here. It’s all smooth sailing. Until life hits. And boy, does it hit you hard. How are you ever supposed to keep up with this? What do you do when life gets in the way? Are these posts actually the ones you want on your blog? Is this the content you want? Is it enough? IS IT WHAT THE BOOKISH PEOPLE WANT? Here you are. The schedule that was supposed to be all fun and helpful is biting you in the ass. Where to go from here?

Maybe it’s not that dramatic for everyone. Maybe you are one of those blogging wizards who makes an optimistic schedule and actually sticks to it. But I am here to talk to the ones who feel personally connected to the scenario above. Because I am one of you and it definitely is a real struggle.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-04 om 17.27.08I am guilty. Of making unrealistic schedules. Of announcing a new schedule and sticking to it for the impressive timespan of one week. Of being a very, very, very inconsistent blogger. It all started… well at the start. I made my first blogging schedule pretty soon after starting my blog. Since then I’ve changed it at least a million times. “Why?”. I am one of those people who looks at blogging wizards and thinks: I can do that too… I can totally post every day. Turns out I can’t. I just take an excessive amount of time on each post. Writing it and making the graphics takes ages. Then why don’t you just keep things simple and calm down with the graphics? Not a possibility because 1) I really enjoy making them and 2) I need things to look a certain way on my blog. So every time I decide to try being a wizard again, I put up a new schedule, and soon find myself being punched in the face by reality. It’s an ongoing battle. But even though I am not there yet, there will come a day when I find the perfect schedule for me. MARK MY WORDS!

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-04 om 17.30.39

If you find you relate to the things mentioned above, I have some tips for you.

  • Even taking into account all the horrors mentioned above, I would still advice to at least have some kind of schedule. It offers some structure and gives readers something to rely on. So I wouldn’t recommend getting rid of a schedule at all together.
  • Keep things minimal. Try to be honest with yourself. How many things do you currently post a week? Maybe you should just stick with that amount. For a while at least. You can always post extra things. Setting unrealistic goals will not help ya, so this is one of the few occasions where you should underestimate yourself.
  • I wouldn’t recommend a strict schedule in terms of which things you post on specific days. It can feel very restricting. Give yourself the opportunity to just post whatever you feel like at the time of writing it.
  • If you do want to join in on weekly memes (which are often on specific days) I would recommend only scheduling in a few of those, so you have room on your other regular posting days to just do whatever. This is something that has had a really positive influence on my blogging experience. Also, you could participate in my meme because it’s not tied to a specific day! *Shameless self-promotion over*
  • If you want to post more frequently but don’t really have more time to dedicate to blogging, you can try to come up with posts that take less time to post. Something a little more simple like sharing a quote. This way you might be able to put together more posts in the same amount of time you would normally dedicate to blogging. However, don’t go overboard with this. Quality over quantity and stuff. 
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have to deviate from your schedule once in a while. Allow yourself some room, especially when life gets busy. Don’t force yourself.
  • Ask a blogging wizard for advice. This is as far as I can take you through your schedule journey. As mentioned, I am by no means satisfied with my consistency of posting (nor with my schedule). Therefore I’d recommend finding yourself a blogging wizard and interrogating them until they confess their secrets.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-17 om 19.17.11Schermafbeelding 2017-07-12 om 02.17.41Are you satisfied with your current posting consistency/schedule?
If so, do you have any tips for the rest of us?
If not, what exactly are you unsatisfied about?


13 thoughts on “The Struggle of Trying to Stick to a Schedule | Are You a Blogging Wizard?

  1. Swetlana says:

    I’m actually pretty happy with our blogging schedule at the moment and it’s been working pretty well for the past few months! Sandra and I usually try to brain storm towards the end of a month to have ideas for things to post the upcoming month and then whenever we have time, we’ll write on our respective posts! But even though I will usually schedule a draft (just a title for a post) if I am not feeling like writing that particular post, I will do something else. I don’t want to force myself into writing something just because I wanted to at some point.

    Weekly memes can definitely be a bit restricting – especially if you don’t post every day, so I would suggest doing them every other week or only doing the topics that get you really excited in the first place!

    Great post, Nikki!

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    • Nikki @TheNightIsDarkAndFullOfBooks says:

      It’s good to hear you’re happy with your current blogging schedule. Brainstorming about post ideas sounds like a great way to figure out things to post in the upcoming month. That’s also some great advice on joining memes. I pick and choose a lot with Top Ten Tuesday. I also often adjust the themes to my own liking.
      Thanks! I’m glad to hear you liked my post 🙂


  2. Heather Stewart says:

    I’m like you, I plan and then don’t stick to it. I have been doing better lately and its mostly on account of coming to the same conclusions you gave as advice. I’m more flexible in my weekly memes and try not to plan for more than I can do.

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  3. Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads says:

    This is such a great post! I’ve been lucky in that the schedules I come up with have been pretty easy for me to stick to, but I also don’t put a ton of pressure on myself to stick exactly to my schedule and I think that helps a lot. I think too many people feel like they absolutely *have* to have a strict schedule, but while it can be helpful, it can also be stressful!

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  4. Book Twins Reviews says:

    I do a couple memes but I choose and pick topics and what weeks work for me. And if I know I have a few big posts that need a lot of research or at least compiling of book covers and links plus a paragraph or ten, I’ll do those posts on Sunday and have them scheduled and out of the way. Working ahead of schedule helps a lot, especially if life happens which it does quite frequently. And I would agree, if your life doesn’t allow daily posts, only post a few days a week. Don’t take the fun out of it. When it starts being a chore bloggers usually go on hiatus or stop altogether.

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    • Nikki @TheNightIsDarkAndFullOfBooks says:

      Very true. I have noticed that whenever I push myself to much if I don’t feel like writing, that’s usually when it starts to feel overwhelming. I plan to stick around for a long time, so lately I have been giving myself some more room. Working ahead is a great way to stay on top of things and something I really want to accomplish more!


  5. jennanicolee says:

    Oooo I just had this issue! I had a post schedule page for people to view…and I just took it down. It stressed me out! I try to keep to a schedule, but sometimes it’s just not realistic. I make sure to post the following every week: one review, one 52 weeks of gratitude post, one TTT or book tag, and one book tag or let’s talk banned books post. So four in total. I tend to have certain days I post certain things, but I do change it if I’m feeling the pressure of being too busy. I’d rather wait and write really good posts than try to keep in the time frame and write something horrid. Great tips FYI! Definitely going to put those in my little pocket of knowledge regarding book blogging!

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    • Nikki @TheNightIsDarkAndFullOfBooks says:

      I think taking down your schedule is a great idea if it was stressing you out! Even though being serious about your blog is a good thing, but it’s supposed to be fun. So if something is stressing you out I think it’s good to just ditch it. I think posting 4 days a week is still impressive! And I totally agree on the “rather wait and write a good post”. Sometimes I’ve put out things under timepressure and wasn’t very happy about the quality of the post later. I’m glad to hear you liked my tips! Thank you 😊


  6. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] In my case, I am highly disciplined. I see to it that three blog posts are scheduled in advance daily (Automatically set to be published).

    In addition to the scheduled blog posts, I add random blog posts that I do on the spot (My blog is busy like a beehive).

    Anyway, the secret is, to stick to a realistic blogging schedule.

    Remember, you are not obligated to post daily.

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    • Nikki @TheNightIsDarkAndFullOfBooks says:

      Three blog posts a day?! That’s crazy. I applaud you!

      Thanks for sharing your tips. I definitely try to keep things realistic, but sometimes I tend to get too optimistic. I am hoping someday I will get around to posting everyday. At this point there are other things that I find more important than this hobby of mine (like college) and that’s fine 🙂

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