I’m Thinking of Ending Things | Spoiler-Free Review

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Author:  Iain Reid
Genre:  Horror
Type:  Stand Alone
Pages:  224
Published:  June 14, 2016

“I’m thinking of ending things. Once this thought arrives, it stays. It sticks. It lingers. It’s always there. Always.

Jake once said, “Sometimes a thought is closer to truth, to reality, than an action. You can say anything, you can do anything, but you can’t fake a thought.”

And here’s what I’m thinking: I don’t want to be here.”

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A 4-star rating generally means that I enjoyed reading the book, but I do have something negative to say about it. I rate my books based on how much I enjoyed reading them and whether or not they meet my expectations. I do this because I believe I can’t say that a book is good or bad, all I can do is tell you why I did or didn’t enjoy reading it. In my reviews, I explain this and try to specify why others might like or dislike it.

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My expectations going into it
I knew absolutely nothing going into this book. The cover and title caught my attention a little while ago, and so it went straight to my TBR, without ever reading the synopsis. As you do. I found it on audiobook and added it to my 24 in 48 read-a-thon TBR options , mostly because it was short. I didn’t get to it for that readathon but decided to listen to it right after. When I started listening, I wasn’t even aware that it’s horror.

What I liked
I’m going to keep it relatively short and stay vague with this one because I believe you should go into this knowing as little as possible.

I loved the fact that this book kept me on edge the entire time. I had no idea what was going on. We were told only a small part of what was going on, slowly uncovering the plot, as the entire thing kept getting increasingly creepy and weird. There were a few times where there was a switch of perspective. These chapters were very short. It consisted of was just a few statements that fit into the story of the main perspective, but they only start making sense when you get to the end. Which is another way in which the book creates tension. Don’t let the fact that it’s horror scare you away, because it’s really not graphic or gory. It messes with your head and expectations. The book was able to make me feel scared without being gory or graphic.

The conclusion was not spelled out for you. There was plenty of space for your own interpretation of what happened and how the whole book fits together. After finishing it, I had one of those moments where I just sat in silence and asked myself “what the heck did I just read?”. In negative reviews, I’ve seen this as a point of critique, saying they just ended up feeling confused. I can definitely see why others are coming from with this, but I personally love a little bit of an open ending and felt like there was definitely a cohesive ending. 

There were a bunch of thoughtful ‘discussions’ in the beginning of the story between characters. Which made for an interesting addition. I especially liked these discussions because a lot of it had to do with psychology. One example was the idea that reality only happens once and memories are essentially never right. Another one was about how there is a difference between being sad and being depressed. I’ll just leave it at that.

What I didn’t like
Even though I liked the vagueness and the thoughtful discussions, some of it was a little bit too much for me. A few times I felt like the things that were being said went right over my head. It was just a little too profound for me at some points. Nobody likes to feel like an idiot.

My feelings overall
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a unique experience and I found myself thinking about it for quite a long time after finishing it. I’m sure I’ll end up picking up the physical format in the future and re-read it, just to see if some of the things in the beginning of the book make more sense now that I know how it ends.

To whom I recommend it
I totally get why some people aren’t a fan of this book. It probably isn’t the book for you if you hate being kept in the dark, open endings, and unanswered questions. However, if those things don’t bother you and you’re looking for a unique horror story, I don’t see any reason not to try it (especially since it’s so short). If you end up picking this up I would definitely recommend checking out the audiobook!

Have you read this book?
If so, do you agree or disagree with any of my opinions?
If not, do you want to?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “I’m Thinking of Ending Things | Spoiler-Free Review

      • jennanicolee says:

        Thank goodness! I would be rather disappointed if you left! And I feel you…I was pretty bad this week for posting but I already have some scheduled for the next two weeks 😁. I also realized I haven’t posted a “Lets Talk Banned Books” post in FOREVER! I am currently making a bullet journal to keep both my blogging and life on track 🤣

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        • Nikki @TheNightIsDarkAndFullOfBooks says:

          Well I’m very impressed with your posting! You never seem to leave for long and have weeks where you post loads! I started my final year of my bachelors and taking some extra courses. Then I also finally was able to rent a house and moved there within a week 😂 It’s safe to say life has been a little crazy the past month!

          Liked by 1 person

          • jennanicolee says:

            Thank you very much! Congrats on the house and schooling! See, I already finished my Bachelors and Masters, so I definitely have more free time. Even then I still get too busy, especially with yoga being a big part of my life as well. For how busy you are, you are doing fantastic! 😊

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