The Most Exciting Update Ever Made (I Mean It)

BSH announcement.pngFirst things first, I’m sorry about disappearing into thin air. I haven’t posted anything since June 18th. JUNE 18th. Who knows if anyone even noticed I was gone, but I feel responsible. There should have been an announcement or something. So again, sorry. I’ve been taking lots of resit exams and I’m hopelessly trying to finish up my year without exploding. Anyhow, I’m not going to bore you with the details. Just know that this Friday will be the last one. I will be done and ready to start bombarding you with posts again. Hurray!

Now on to the fun stuff… can I get a drumroll please…

The Searching Saturday meme is going to change entirely

Maybe the title of this post was a little dramatic, but it is very exciting! I swear.
You should stick around.

DeviderWhy is this happening?

I have been struggling with the content of my meme for a while now. It basically comes down to the fact that I wasn’t enjoying participating in my own meme… which is obviously bad. So here I am, changing it. I have been sitting on this for a while because changes can be scary and I want to be consistent on my blog. However, I strongly believe that these changes will make it a lot more fun for everyone and I’m ready for it!

How did I decide on the changes?

I wanted to start featuring only one book in each post, just because I like it better. So I considered just continuing with this version but doing only one book, but I figured that wouldn’t really improve my enjoyment of doing them. I also wanted to make it a more cohesive thing by making the posts within each month connected in some way. So I considered just having one topic a month and posting one book that fits that topic each week, but again that wouldn’t truly improve anything. Then I finally decided, since I have been presenting Searching Saturday as a bookish scavenger hunt, I should go in that direction. Make it more like an actual scavenger hunt. 

What is the new ‘Searching Saturday’ going to be like?

First of all, there is a new name: “month” Book Scavenger Hunt. Each month there will be a set of directions, one for each week. The directions will be connected. The topic for the second week of the month will play off the book found in the first week of the month, and so on. In the next month, we start a new chain. To finding books to complete your scavenger hunt directions you can visit a local bookstore/library or search Goodreads (though the latter might prove difficult for some weeks). The meme will no longer be connected to a specific day. You can do it whenever you want.  I will still be mostly looking for new-to-me books, but you don’t have to do that. 

DISCLAIMER: The idea of a bookish scavenger hunt is not new. There have been tags, it has been done all over BookTube, it has been done on blogs. I didn’t invent it. I’m aware of that. However, I thought it would be fun to apply to the meme format and it fit pretty well with the original idea I had for Searching Saturday.

What the directions of any given Monthly Book Scavenger Hunt might look like:
– Week 1: Find a thriller.
– Week 2: Find a book by the same publisher as last week’s book.
– Week 3: Go to a random page of last week’s book and pick the first word, find a book with this word in the title.

– Week 4: Find a book with a cover that has the same color as last week book’s lettering.
(I will probably end up using all these examples in future months)

Information for future participants

I will be posting an official page for this revamped meme somewhere later this week (probably in the weekend). I just couldn’t wait to announce it because I’m so excited for it! I can’t wait! The meme will start in August. The directions for the August Book Scavenger Hunt will be posted in the last week of July. 

DeviderSchermafbeelding 2017-07-09 om 16.28.18
Are you excited for the Monthly Book Scavenger Hunts?
Will you be joining me in this adventure?
Let me know what you thoughts are!


14 thoughts on “The Most Exciting Update Ever Made (I Mean It)

  1. Kambria @ adoringfiction says:

    The update sounds very fun and I really hope I can participate but some topics may be difficult since I don’t live close to a bookstore I can walk to. But I’ll definitely try it out

    Liked by 1 person

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