Finding Books with over 50.000 Goodreads Ratings | Searching Saturday

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Searching Saturday is a weekly bookish meme created and hosted by me. The aim is to find new-to-you books that fit the topic for that week (which I post on the last Sunday of each month). It’s like a scavenger hunt, a bookish scavenger hunt! I search for the books at my local bookstore but you can also use Goodreads. For more information about the meme, go here. To see all the past topics and future topics, go here.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-15 om 18.19.30Last month we did the “under 1.000 Ratings” topic and I thought it would be fun to go to the other side of the spectrum, so today we are doing books with over 50.00 Ratings. Some more popular books easily have 100.000 ratings but I figured it would be hard enough to find books I don’t know yet with 50.000 ratings. Boy, was I right about that! This was so hard. The majority of books I picked up in the bookstore (that I didn’t know yet) all had around 1.000 ratings. With much determination and searching for literally an hour, I finally found these!

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.16Synopsis P.png
5-Word Lazy Reader Synopsis*: Love story, Victorian poets, passions

Well… to me that sounds like everything I never want to read. But it might be something for you? That’s what these searching posts are for, we find books together!

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.16Synopsis M.png

Lazy Reader Synopsis*: Two storylines intertwine, eccentric characters, murder

The characters described in the longer version of the synopsis sound great. Who wouldn’t want to read about “Minerva, the voodoo priestess who works her magic in the graveyard at midnight”. Oh and it’s also a non-fiction. Wait, what? How does that work?

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.161.pngLazy Reader Synopsis*: Book sucks boy into whimsical world

This book sounds pretty cool but those creatures on the cover are creeping me out. That big one in the middle looks like he is ready to come kill me in my sleep.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.16Synopsis W.png

Lazy Reader Synopsis*: Book sucks boy & girl into whimsical world

Hmm.. that sounds familiar? I gave it the same Lazy Reader Synopsis as the last one because these books sound like they are the same book. Is it just me? I think I’d rather read this one though. At least the creatures on this cover don’t look like they came straight from my nightmares.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.162.png

Lazy Reader Synopsis*: Autobiographical account of survival in a Nazi camp 

My only question here is: why haven’t I read this yet? Why the heck wasn’t this required reading at school? Why did nobody tell me about this?! I will be reading this very soon. It’s going straight to the top of my TBR.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.16

* If you see these posts and think: ain’t nobody got time to read the actual synopsis. I’m here for you with this tiny summary! It’s probably not accurate or helpful at all… but what did you expect? It’s a few word summary based on my interpretation of the synopsis. I have no actual knowledge.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 15.11.16

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-13 om 10.45.35

Would you want to read any of these books?
Do you ever find popular books you didn’t know about yet?




3 thoughts on “Finding Books with over 50.000 Goodreads Ratings | Searching Saturday

  1. Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks says:

    Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil sounds so, so fascinating – I’ve seen it around a couple of times, but I’ve put it off mostly because I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction, but the synopsis here has me so intrigued. This is a great post. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

    Liked by 1 person

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