Funny Books [Grumpy Me] | Searching Saturday​ #20


Searching Saturday is a weekly meme created by me! The aim is to search a book (or multiple books) that is new-to-you and fits the weekly theme. This could be a book to add to your TBR, or just to address on your blog. It’s up to you! You can search as many as you want, wherever you want.

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Schermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 22.08.40

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! It’s actually on a Saturday this year. How lucky. Search for books in the humor/comedy genre.

Happy April fools. What a joke. That’s a great joke.

WARNING: I’m not in a great mood. Proceed at your own risk.

searching-saturday-deviderSchermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 20.32.57.pngSchermafbeelding 2017-03-11 om 14.09.24Because I spent my entire day with my face in a book. Not in a good way. I have a resit exam on Monday. I have been spending weeks of my life reading a book that is just a million philosophical and psychological theories on if ‘consciousness’ exists! HOW GREAT IS THAT? The best part is that I still don’t know. BECAUSE NOBODY FREAKING KNOWS!!! Okay… sorry about that. I chose this book because it was nice and simple. A triangle and a square. Exactly what I need right now. And it’s a humoristic graphic novel for children.

searching-saturday-deviderSchermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 21.34.58.pngSchermafbeelding 2017-03-11 om 14.09.24I don’t agree with shooting living things but I would definitely like to shoot something right now. Maybe like… at a bottle? Wait, I just remembered I don’t live in America. Maybe I could just… punch something? OR THROW! That’s it. I need to throw this book about consciousness against the wall. Be right back.
Where was I? Margaritas would be great too. That was about it.



That’s what I look like right now.

Okay. I’m just going to pick that book off the floor and start studying again. I shouldn’t stick around my blog because I’ll be sucked into what everyone else is posting and I’ll be gone for hours. Sorry for the frustration and sarcasm in this post. I wasn’t in a great post-writing mood. I actually was thinking about skipping today but I can’t just skip my own meme, so I hope you’ll forgive me. Just a few more days until I am done with this and can go back to my simple life of reading/blogging again. I hope you’re all having a better weekend than I am and I’ll see you again soon

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 21.55.22



2 thoughts on “Funny Books [Grumpy Me] | Searching Saturday​ #20

  1. Debbie says:

    Sometimes I love throwing things, but I don’t do it, if it is not a pillow. Instead I put on some music and sing along with it (most of the time loud and off-key :P). But last week I have felt like throwing things and I still do, just a bit less.

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