Happy Bookish Moments | Top 10 Tuesday #4



Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by @TheBrokeAndTheBookish. The aim is to make a list fitting the weekly theme. The goal for this list is naming 10 things, but more or less is allowed. They also encourage you to take a different spin on their topics so they fit your own listing needs.

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So I decided to take this week as another freebie. I totally understand that they needed a break, 6.5 years of hosting this meme is a long time! I didn’t feel like listing books today, so I decided to make another wordy list. Last time I did this it was 10 Reasons Why Romance Isn’t My Thing, which was also very fun. Today I thought I’d be a little more positive, so I’m talking about happy bookish moments.


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  1. Buying books & Giving it a home I don’t know about you, but buying a new book can turn any of my shitty days right around. After buying it, the new gem is brought to our bookshelves. I just love finding the perfect spot for it. Bad side effect: most times I end up rearranging my entire shelf…
  2. Starting a book – Opening a book, flipping the first page and starting the first sentence. The start of a new world to explore & new friends to make. It really is a beautiful thing.
  3. Breaking the book’s spine – You might think I’m a monster for this one, but that’s alright. For lots of readers, breaking the spine is a nightmare come true. For me, it’s a happy bookish moment. I don’t break the spine of a book on purpose but when it happens I take it as a sign of the book being well loved. I love looking at my shelf and seeing that some of the books really look read. 
  4. Getting comfy – Big chair, check! Pillows, check! Blanket, check! Coffee, check! Stormy weather, check! This is the only moment rain can make me happy.
  5. Connecting to characters – I always feel so happy and understood when I come across a character that I can truly relate to. Which is exactly why diversity in books is so freaking important!
  6. I told you so moments -Don’t you love those moments when in your head, you give a character some brotherly/sisterly advice. Like “Don’t do that! You will get caught”. Of course, he/she doesn’t listen to you and of course, you end up being right. I TOLD YOU SO! 
  7. When a book doesn’t hit you in the face – When lying down getting hit in the face is a serious treat. It’s always a happy moment when you read lying down… and the book falls… and it wasn’t on your face.
  8. Finishing a book – I always feel so accomplished whenever I end a book. The best part is actually closing the book. 
  9. Seeing your ‘Read’ shelf grow’ – I know not everybody sorts their books by ‘read’ and ‘unread’, but I do. When I picked up reading last year, I owned 3 books I had already read. Now this shelf has been slowly expanding and I love it! It’s so satisfying.
  10. Finding someone in the bookish community that agrees’s with you – One of the best things about this community is having those moments when another blogger writes something about a book and you’re like YEEESSSS! That’s exactly how I feel. Those are great 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Happy Bookish Moments | Top 10 Tuesday #4

  1. Swetlana says:

    There is nothing I love more than getting new books! I had just ordered a paperback copy of Lady Midnight because I didn’t want to pay 23€ for the Lord Of Shadows hardcover (I preordered LOS in paperback too) and it arrived today! And that wasn’t even the best part yet! When I opened the package, I saw that the paperback had colored edges?? Ever since I saw those lovely Six Of Crows/Crooked Kingdom hardcovers with the black and red pages I’ve wanted a copy like that! I was SO EXCITED. I took to several social media sites to talk about it. xD

    Luckily, I usually sit more than I lay down while I’m reading, so the chances of being hit by a book are almost zero – but I imagine it must suck, especially if it’s a hardcover!

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