See It Through the Fingers | Miscommunication Monday #5

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Miscommunication Monday is a semi-weekly meme created by me! In these posts, I provide you with a Dutch saying by presenting a scenario in which a Dutch person might say it to you. Then I will tell you how we say it in the Netherlands and give you an explanation of what it means.

You can find more information in my Introduction Post.

Disclaimer: I don’t know every English saying. There might be a post where I’m like “look how stupid this sounds in English HA-HA”. And you’re sitting there like “um… that’s an actual saying here too…”. If this ever happens: 1. I’m sorry, 2. I’m an idiot, and 3. please tell me in the comments!


You have a very important assignment due in a few minutes. You have to hand it in in a box outside your teacher’s office. The assignment was though but you managed to finish it. You’ve printed it, all you have to do now is hand it in. You’re walking to school and what do you know, there is a road block! You take the other street, but there is a pack of wild geese ready to attack you. You make a run for it. Good news: the geese didn’t get to you. Bad news: you’re almost out of time. You fly through the entrance and up the stairs. You reach the teacher’s office and he just picked up the box. “The deadline has closed”. You explain everything that happened and ask him if he could please still take your assignment. Your teacher is Dutch, and luckily he is not an English teacher because he tells you “Alright. I’ll see it through the fingers. But only this one time”


In dutch, your teacher would have said “Ik zie het door de vingers“. This expression is kind of like saying “I’ll look the other way”. So you use it to express that you will accept it.

When you look through your fingers, you are not really looking. So if you saw something through the fingers you didn’t really see what happened.

Do you have any thoughts on this weird saying?

Will you be using it in your daily life?


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