Unfortunately Peanutcheese | Miscommunication Monday #4


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Miscommunication Monday is a semi-weekly meme created by me! In these posts, I provide you with a Dutch saying by presenting a scenario in which a Dutch person might say it to you. Then I will tell you how we say it in the Netherlands and give you an explanation of what it means.

You can find more information in my Introduction Post.

Disclaimer: I don’t know every English saying. There might be a post where I’m like “look how stupid this sounds in English HA-HA”. And you’re sitting there like “um… that’s an actual saying here too…”. If this ever happens: 1. I’m sorry, 2. I’m an idiot, and 3. please tell me in the comments!



You and a group of friends enter a monopoly competition. All of you worked extremely hard and practiced for weeks. The prize is a one-of-a-kind monopoly set that all of you have been drooling over. You guys need that monopoly set. Today was finally the day. It was a close race but your team ended up losing. You guys were devastated. There was this long silence within your friend group, nobody knew what to say to each other. Until your one friend from the Netherlands, Guus, told everyone “Unfortunately peanutcheese!“. 


In Dutch, Guus would have said: “Helaas pindakaas“. With this you express that it’s a shame that happened. In English, you would probably say “too bad”. 

‘Peanutcheese’ is how we say ‘Peanut butter’,  which I know is extremely weird. Its consistency is butter-like and it has nothing to do with cheese. I don’t get it either. Apparently, we’re just crazy. ‘Helaas’ translates to ‘unfortunately’ which makes sense to use. We say helaas pindakaas just because it rhymes. Weird isn’t it? This saying is used very often too.


Do you have any thoughts on this weird saying?
Will you be using this saying in your daily life?



7 thoughts on “Unfortunately Peanutcheese | Miscommunication Monday #4

  1. Books 'n' Reviews Oh My says:

    I absolutely love this post and will be looking forward to the others! I love learning new languages so this was very interesting for me to read.

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