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UPDATE: This post is no longer up-to-date. You can find my current schedule HERE.

Lately, I have been adding a lot of new Memes and have been trying to post more often, which has been going pretty good. However, I still felt like something was off. This schedule might help you get a better view of when I’m posting. I decided to not commit to posting all my weekly post every week because I feel like I need some room. I don’t want my blogging to result in me not being able to read anymore. So, for now I’m sticking to this! I hope you will like this schedule.

Weekly Posts

Some Mondays
I will post ‘Miscommunicate Monday‘, where I tell you about the weird things Dutch people might say to you because they are trying to translate some weird Dutch saying [My Original Meme].

Every Tuesday
I will post ‘Top 10 Tuesday‘, where I compile a list of 10 somethings fitting the weekly theme [Hosted by @TheBrokeAndTheBookish].
I will post ‘Teaser Tuesday‘, where I share a little quote from the book I am currently reading [Originally by @BooksAndABeat].

Some Wednesdays
I will post ‘Top 5 Wednesday’, where I compile a list of 5 somethings fitting the weekly theme [Hosted on this Goodreads Group].

Every Thursday
I will post ‘Down the TBR Hole‘, where I show you 5 books on my Goodreads To Be Read and decide if I should keep them [Originally by @LostInAStory].

Some Fridays
I will post ‘On Top of My TBR‘, where I share which books on my To Be Read I want to get to first [My Original Meme].

Every Saturday
I will post ‘Searching Saturday‘, where I try to find new to me books fitting the weekly theme [My Original Meme].

Some Sundays
I will post Tags or random posts.


Every last Sunday of the month
I will post the Searching Saturday topics for the upcoming month

On any day
I will post reviews, ideally whenever I finish a book.

In Summary

I will try to post at least every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
And will sometimes post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-13 om 10.45.35Any thoughts on my new schedule?
Which of my posts do you like most?



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