Award Winners | Searching Saturday #12

Searching Saturday is a new weekly meme created by me! The aim is to search a book (or multiple books) that is new to you and fits the weekly theme. This could be a book to add to your TBR, or just to address on your blog. It’s up to you! You can search as many as you want, wherever you want. 

You can find more information in the Introduction Post.

This week’s topic is “Award Winners”

“Book awards are wonderful things. The books that win these awards sure are well loved. But do you know them all? I don’t think so. Search for books that have won awards. Any bookish award will do.”

searching-saturday-deviderTrigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman

Winner of the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Fantasy

22522808“In this new anthology, Neil Gaiman pierces the veil of reality to reveal the enigmatic, shadowy world that lies beneath. Trigger Warning includes previously published pieces of short fiction–stories, verse, and a very special Doctor Who story that was written for the fiftieth anniversary of the beloved series in 2013–as well “Black Dog,” a new tale that revisits the world of American Gods, exclusive to this collection.

Trigger Warning explores the masks we all wear and the people we are beneath them to reveal our vulnerabilities and our truest selves. Here is a rich cornucopia of horror and ghosts stories, science fiction and fairy tales, fabulism and poetry that explore the realm of experience and emotion.” -Goodreads

Where I found it
I found this book on Goodreads, searching through past years of Goodreads Choice Award winners. I looked through the past year until I found something I didn’t recognize and that caught my eye. I ended up finding this one in the winners of 2015, under the genre fantasy.

Why I chose it
I have never read anything by Neil Gaiman, yet I find myself being attracted to his books. They always sound so surreal, creepy and atmospheric. “The shadowy world that lies beneath” YESSS. I should just try some of his work already! Also, I want to read more short story collections. The fact that you are finishing multiple stories in one book is really appealing to me for some reason.

searching-saturday-deviderThe Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson

Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

11529868“The Orphan Master’s Son follows a young man’s journey through the icy waters, dark tunnels, and eerie spy chambers of the world’s most mysterious dictatorship, North Korea.

Pak Jun Do is the haunted son of a lost mother—a singer “stolen” to Pyongyang—and an influential father who runs Long Tomorrows, a work camp for orphans. There the boy is given his first taste of power, picking which orphans eat first and which will be lent out for manual labor. Recognized for his loyalty and keen instincts, Jun Do comes to the attention of superiors in the state, rises in the ranks, and starts on a road from which there will be no return.

Considering himself a humble citizen of the greatest nation in the world, Jun Do becomes a professional kidnapper who must navigate the shifting rules, arbitrary violence, and baffling demands of his Korean overlords in order to stay alive. Driven to the absolute limit of what any human being could endure, he boldly takes on the treacherous role of rival to Kim Jong Il in an attempt to save the woman he loves, Sun Moon, a legendary actress so pure, she didn’t know what starving people looked like.” – Goodreads

Where I found it
I went to the Pulitzer Prize website and searched their winner files. Again, I just looked through past years until I found something that I didn’t know and found interesting. I ended up finding it in the file for 2013.

Why I chose it
This book is set in North Korea, which is already enough reason for me to be interested. On top of that, it sounds like a mix of a historical fiction, fantasy, and thriller. Overall it just sounds very unique and interesting.


How do you feel about my picks?
Are you interested in them?



7 thoughts on “Award Winners | Searching Saturday #12

  1. Olga says:

    I’ve only read Coraline and Fortunately, the milk by Gaiman. I loved Coraline! I feel like he’s one of those authors I want to read all his works. Still a long way to go. I’ve never read a short story collection, I have a few on my shelves. This one sounds very interesting and I have my eyes on Norse Mythology as well. (The cover is gorgeous)

    Liked by 1 person

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