Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017


  • Read more! I just started getting back into reading in 2016 and decided on a low Goodreads goal (12 books). This year I’m going for 30, which means I have to read 2,5 books a month. It’s a bigger goal, but still manageable.
  • Read more diverse books, especially #ownvoices.
  • Read more books about mental illness. I think this is very important, as I am studying this.
  • Finish up all the books I started in 2016 and never finished (the currently reading pile in my A Reading Year in Review post). Also, I need to stop this bad habit in 2017. Note to self: finish what you start or DNF the book.
  • Pick up some larger books, stop being afraid of those. I don’t pick them up because I’m scared they will take me forever to read. I’m already a slow reader and read way less than the average blogger, so I stay away from big books to avoid reading even less. Which is a pretty dumb reason to not read a book. I shouldn’t care about numbers, it’s all about enjoying the books we read.
  • Buy less. I’m attempting buying a book only after I’ve read two. My TBR pile is not too out of control yet but I’d like to cut it down a little.
  • Succeed in a readathon. How great would that be?!


  • Be more consistent. I always do good with posting on specific dates and times for a while but start skipping some later. I need to stop doing that.
  • Write blogs in advance. This one is the source of the problem of the one above. I should not have to write my blogs te morning of.
  • Write more reviews. My goal was to do one every Friday and I managed to do that for a while. Sadly, my last review was posted in September. I just need to start writing reviews right after reading the book.
  • Do more Tags. So feel free to tag me in stuff this year.
  • Do more original posts. Thinking of new ideas.
  • Finally fix the layout and graphics of my posts, so that I like them. I have changed every single post on my blog at least 10 times. It’s not healthy!
  • Interact more. Give more love back to other bloggers. I always reply to my comments and I do visit other blogs but the latter should be more regularly.
  • Use my social media, Instagram and Twitter, more. I am horrible at this, so I want to at least give it a fair shot this year

What are your reading, blogging or other goals for 2017?
Do we have any of them in common?
Tell me in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017

  1. Hagar Magdy says:

    Great goals! Unlike you, I prefer starting big books or a long series because I know if I liked it, it will last more. I hate nothing more than reading an amazing book just for it to end quickly before I can get enough of it. It’s a stupid way of thinking, I know, but well.. Anyway, good luck with achieving those goals. I’m sure you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikki @The night is dark and full of books says:

      Thank you! I guess both short and long books are great in their own ways. I can totaly get how u feel. I’m noticing now that I’m actually reading game of thrones on my own pace, I love having so much more to look forward to. But I also love to read beautiful stories in the form of short standalones. I think it’s amazing to see what some authors can accomplish within such a short book. I guess I just want to mix things up and read a bit of both! 😊

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