With the Wrong Leg Out of Bed | Miscommunication Monday #3



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Miscommunication Monday is a semi-weekly meme I started. In these posts, I provide you with a Dutch saying, by presenting a situation in which a Dutch person might say it to you. Then I will give you an explanation.

You can find more information on my Introduction Post.

Disclaimer: I don’t know every English saying. There might be a post where I’m like “look how stupid this sounds in English HA-HA”. And you’re sitting there like “um… that’s an actual saying here too…”. If this ever happens: 1. I’m sorry, 2. I’m an idiot, 3. please tell me in the comments!



Yet another day at the office (which we introduced in Miscommunicate Monday #2). The boss is progressively getting less fun. He is now not only interrupting everyone’s small talk, he is starting to become grumpy. Yesterday, he told you nobody cares about your pinion. All you said was that the coffee tasted kind of weird! Truus, your coworker from the Netherlands, came up to you again. This time she told you “He stepped out of bed with the wrong leg“. What the @!$% Truus?


In Dutch, Truus would have said “Hij is met het verkeerde been uit bed gestapt“, which is like saying he is in a bad mood. In English you could say “He woke up on the wrong side of the bed” (This was edited in later because I completely forgot this other version of the saying existed, it was pointed out by Captain’s Quarters in the comments).

Apparently, stepping out of bed with the wrong leg is a very bad start of the day… which might influence someone’s mood. I love how we probably copied the English version but were like “Oh no, no. It’s not the side of the bed that matters, it’s the legs. Definitely the legs!”. 


Do you have any thoughts on this weird saying?
Will you be using this version in your daily life?


10 thoughts on “With the Wrong Leg Out of Bed | Miscommunication Monday #3

  1. Maya says:

    Ohhh in Spanish we say “te has levantado con el pie izquierdo”, which means, you got out of bed with your left foot, when someone’s grumpy or just doesn’t do things right. This makes sense!

    I absolutely love this meme and I think it’s really interesting! Kudos 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie says:

    I love the idea behind this meme, we Dutch people have some weird expressions 😂
    I have used ‘met het verkeerd been uit bed gestapt’ multiple times on my sister in my life. It only makes her more grumpy. 😇


  3. Hagar Magdy says:

    We have a similar saying in Arabic with the same meaning! I know there’s something in English also about being in a grumpy mood that has the word “bed”. I can’t remember it though. Thanks for this funny translation!


    • Nikki @The night is dark and full of books says:

      I did know that but it didn’t come to mind when making this post! I’m curious to see if we Dutch people just took the English version and were like “Eh no. It’s not the side that matters. It’s all about the feet.” I might edit this post later and discuss the English version. Thanks for mentioning it!


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