With the Door in the House | Miscommunication Monday #2

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Miscommunication Monday is a semi-weekly meme I started. In these posts, I provide you with a Dutch saying, by presenting a situation in which a Dutch person might say it to you. Then I will give you an explanation. 

You can find more information on my Introduction Post.

Disclaimer: I don’t know every English saying. There might be a post where I’m like “look how stupid this sounds in English HA-HA”. And you’re sitting there like “um… that’s an actual saying here too…”. If this ever happens: 1. I’m sorry, 2. I’m an idiot, 3. please tell me in the comments!



Imagine being at a meeting at work. It’s a new team so everybody is trying to make a good impression, to be nice to everyone else. People start asking how your weekend was. Then the boss comes in and tells everyone enough small talk. He says “We need to start making more money. I need you all to sell at least 50 cookies a day or this business will go absolutely nowhere”. Truus, a coworker from the Netherlands, is sitting next to you and is looking at you funny. When the meeting is over, she comes up to you and tells you “jeez, the boss fell with the door in the house, didn’t he”. You nod and laugh it off. But what the @!$% did she mean?


In Dutch, Truus would have said “Hij viel met de deur in huis“, which is like saying he was very straight to the point.

Falling with the door in the house… makes no sense right? I guess starting a conversation off by getting straight to the point is like… BAM here you have it… a ton of impact… like when you barge into a house and knock the door down on your way in.

schermafbeelding-2016-11-14-om-11-44-43How strange is this saying?
Do you have any thoughts on it?
Will you be using it?


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