Favorite Publishers | Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by two ladies named Lainey and Samanta over at their Goodreads group. They give you monthly prompts for each Wednesday. This Wednesday’s topic is Favorite Publishers.

“I thought this topic would be a cool way to examine what we read and what publishers put out our favorite books. I encourage you to take a look at your shelf and figure out which books come from which publishers. I think you’d be surprised how many probably end up coming from the same publishing house! Plus, this is your chance to introduce us to some of your favorite small presses or imprints. We talk about the contents or the wrappings of books a lot in this group, but rarely do we talk about the people that bring them together.”– Goodreads Group.

I don’t have that many books yet, so my books are published by a lot of different publishers. I found some favorites! And bonus round, I’ll also give you my least favorite.

I tried to stay away from only naming the really big publishers who will end up on a lot of people’s list. These might be imprints of those big publishers but to be honest, I didn’t look too far into that. That’s way too confusing for me.

Hot Key Books

I currently only own We Were Liars and Paperweight by Hot Key Books. We were liars wasn’t even a favorite. BUT, I love how these books are published. Hot Key Books mostly publish smaller books, most of them between 200-300 pages, some just above 300. I like short books, they deserve more attention. Also, I love the little circle on the back that tells you “what’s in it”.  


This one is on the list just because Knopf published the most amazing book ever. The Book Thief Anniversary Edition. It has a soft matte cover, notes from the manuscript, original illustrations, and a new introduction by the author. BUT most importantly, it’s so floppy! Soooooo floppy…

Hodden & Stoughton

Hodder & Stoughton publish the most beautiful editions of Stephen King’s books. The covers are just really appealing to me. I currently own these three but am planning on getting a whole bunch of them!


This one is a little bit random. I haven’t finished these books. I just like the way they were published. That’s really all there is to it. Orbit publishes a lot of sci-fi, which I’m trying to get more into, so this will be a good publisher to keep an eye out for.

BONUS: My least favorite publisher


I have learned today that Speak is an imprint of Penguin because that’s all that pops up while looking for speak. I own one of their prints, Legend by Marie Lu. I ordered it online and was surprised by the fact that it was published by speak. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I knew. Why don’t I like them? It might be nitpicky but I hate their logo on the spines! It’s just so big and takes away from the beautiful spines. The worst thing is, they can’t even keep the logo the same color or height on different books. So it’s also uneven when you have more. UGH.

Which publishers are your favorite?
Do you agree with any of mine?
Tell me in the comments!


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