How exciting! I’m actually going to try and start something. It’s a weekly bookish meme!

To view all upcoming and past Searching Saturday topics, visit this page.

What is this wild new thing?
I’ll tell you. Searching Saturday is supposed to be a way to find new to you books, whether it’s to add to your TBR or just to talk about
. The aim is to search, far and wide. And find a hidden gem.

Where do I search?
Search Goodreads, websites, other blogs, your local library, your friend’s shelves, your mother’s dirty old books collecting dust in the attic, your neighbor’s cousin’s great grandmothers brothers basement. I don’t care, as long as you search!

What do I search?
Books of course, you silly! But If you want to be a rebel and search for tv shows or movies, that’s fine with me too.

How do I search for them?
Yet another great question, you’re such a smart potato. It’s completely up to you. I will be posting topics for each week on a monthly basis, like “Search a book with … on the cover” or “Search a book with … main character”. These topics might help you search and find books you normally wouldn’t even consider. You can choose to use these topics. But if you would rather just search freely or you don’t like a topic. That’s fine too. Here we go again… as long as you search!

We get it, we’re supposed to search. What do we do when we have found?
You make a post, or you don’t. If you do, it’s up to you again. It doesn’t matter if you found 1, 10, 48 or no books at all. You could give a brief list of things you found, explaining which ones you find interesting and why. You could only show books you’re adding to your TBR. You could explain your process or describe the place you went to search, like your neighbor’s cousin’s great grandmothers brothers basement. Or you could talk about how this weeks topic was horrible and you were unable to find anything. It’s your party! 

I hope I have provided you with enough information. More importantly, I hope you like this idea!

PS: I don’t even care if you don’t do it on Saturdays. As long as you… I’ll stop.

Additional information if you plan on participating

  • If you do these posts, be sure the books you find are new to you.
  • I would really appreciate it if you could mention my blog in your post.
  • Tell me in the comments of this post that you are participating so I can add you to my master list of participators.
  • Come back to this blog every last Sunday of the month to see the topics for the upcoming month.
  • Visit my post for every topic if you want me to add your post to my linkup. 

Are you going join me on this new adventure?
Will you be meme-ing it up with me?
I sure hope so, please tell me what you think in the comments!

40 thoughts on “Introducing My New Weekly Meme | Searching Saturday

  1. Brilliant idea! I love searching 😀
    Why didn’t I know of this?! This is so interesting. I’ll start posting mine later today and then leave the link here. I’ll make sure to check out the posts of everyone else.

    Liked by 1 person

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