25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag


6Because I’m pretty new to this and you don’t know me yet. I thought why not do this little post.

  1. I only started actively reading again since the beginning of 2016
  2. I used to doggy ear my pages, instead of using a bookmark (I’m a horrible person I know)
  3. My favorite genre is mystery/thriller
  4. I am horrible at finishing series
  5. A genre I’m getting more into lately is fantasy
  6. I never read my books in Dutch anymore, always English
  7. I don’t remember the names of any books I read before 2013
  8. I currently own 27 unread books on my shelf
  9. My least favorite genre is romance
  10. I mostly read in bed at night or on public transportation
  11. I get overly excited if the title of the book is mentioned in the story
  12. I read about 2 books a month (working on making it more)
  13. I have never fangirled over any male characters in a book
  14. I cried because of a book twice: The fault in our stars & Hersenschimmen (a Dutch novel about a man with Alzheimer’s)
  15. My bookshelves are my favorite part of the house
  16. I still haven’t read Harry Potter (don’t kill me)
  17. I can’t listen to audiobooks because I get distracted too easily
  18. I sometimes pick up a book just to flip through the pages because it relaxes me
  19. My favorite book of 2016 so far is Hollow city by Ransom Riggs
  20. Sometimes I accidentally read the last line of a book while trying to see how many pages there are
  21. I regularly DNF books
  22. I love reading books with multiple perspectives
  23. My least favorite book of 2016 so far is the curious incident of the dog at night time by Mark Haddon
  24. I am obsessed with reorganizing my bookshelves
  25. I love books (if you didn’t figure that out yet)


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8 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag

  1. oh my goodness, it is SO relaxing just to flip through a book’s pages. i also have not read harry potter! I really want to because i’ve watched all the movies and loved them. i can’t get into lord of the rings books, so now i’ve got to try hp ❤


      1. Hahahahahaha are you serious
        Well, I still haven’t read HP (ain’t planning to either) and still get distracted by audiobooks but I’m listening to All The Boys I’ve loved Before on Audi so let’s see how that turns out

        Liked by 1 person

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