Top Ten Tuesday || Books I Own that I’ve Lost Interest in

This week we got "Book characters I'd love to be besties with". But I don't want to talk about that, so I'm going for an old topic I didn't get to participate in: "Books I've lost interest in". Look at me being a rebel. All of these books I own physical copies of, and most of them I've bought either because they were cheap and I didn't know much about them or because they had received tons of hype.

Top Ten Tuesday || US vs. UK Thriller Covers I have strong opinions about

This week we got "Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated". Recently I have discovered I have a very particular preference when it comes to thriller covers. The thing is, UK covers are more easily available here in Europe, but still for each book I look at which cover I prefer, and usually it's the US cover that is way more expensive. I can't help it! So today I'm discussing some of them and I'm curious to see what you're preference is.

Top Ten Tuesday || Books I want my future child to read

This week we were asked to talk about our favorite childhood books. A great prompt! Though unfortunately I just started actively reading 3 years ago, when I was in fact no longer a child. So no childhood favorites from me. I decided to take a different route and talk about some books I would love to re-read together with my future child! I'm sure my number one mission after conceiving a child will be to make sure he/she becomes a reader. 

Nope. Book Tag

SO... bit of a problem. I began writing this post a very long time ago, even months before I left on what turned out to be a 9 month long hiatus. Nowhere did I write down who, if anyone, tagged me in this. Now I have no idea!